Placeable is described as an HTML5 site-specific learning application: the mission was to create a web-based app that documented experiences and photo-based exercises at the specific location of the Wassaic Project. The logo and interface were designed with the goal of creating an atmosphere that was fun and engaging, while simultaneously paying attention to rounded typography and child-oriented programming.

In conjunction with the increased advocacy of integrating new forms of technology into public education systems, the desire for robust and innovative learning applications has risen. Constructing a meaningful educational platform using HTML5 became the central goal of our project, with the mission to create unique content based on place-based curricula. Working with the Wassaic Project, a local arts center, this desire became a reality, and Placeable emerged. By employing practical methods of front-end development, including interface design methodologies and cutting edge CSS animation techniques, the team was able to create a functional prototype for the organization—a linear application in which users are guided through a digital photography lesson, learning valuable interdisciplinary skills in framing and composition. The initial prototype illustrates the potential of the project, providing an opportunity for educators and cultural organizations to observe the product, and for the team to gain their support in further development and implementation.

The app was featured on Appoet and on Design Ignites Change, being described as a product to “enhance your own artistic endeavors”, and a way to “[keep] your nose to the creative collaboration grindstone”.