SONUSPACE is an interactive music application that translates MIDI controller data input into live digital illustrations on screen. Using the context of space, nine original audio compositions were created in attempt to audibly mimic the qualities of each of the planets. The application uses MIDI controller data input to generate illustrations on screen, and embraces the context of the solar system in generating content, which explains the etymology of the project title—“the sounds of space.”

After downloading the application, users are greeted with a menu from which they select a planet within the solar system and generate images based on these planetary selections. Each pitch on the user’s MIDI controller generates different functions on screen that result in complex and unique illustrations that are then submitted to a server if the user chooses to save their images. The images are saved in an online database that displays the content in a gallery format. The possibilities for the illustrations are expansive and thus the gallery continues to evolve and grow as a greater collage as more illustrations are added.