The notion of reality is often thought of as events or situations that occur in the physical world—events that can be documented and processed with tools and evidence, and therefore appear the same to everyone. But what about the realm of reality that cannot be measured, gauged, or even seen by others? Dreams, spiritual encounters, the influence of drugs—what makes these experiences any less real than what is happening within the physical world right now? Addressing this notion of reality is presenting an alternative to how many people now think about the concept, suggesting that these “surreal” experiences are just as real, if not even more real than the physical events in our daily lives. By layering dreams, drug influence and spiritual encounters, Surreality aims to reestablish what it means for something to be “real.” The experience is sad, ambiguous and uncomfortable, but the entire event occurs within a “fictional” world that is not, by social standards, considered reality. What do you think?