The New Paltz Loop

In order to achieve self-sustainability within the village/town of New Paltz, NY over the course of the next half-century, specific initiatives within the realm of bus transportation need to be pushed past discussion and into implementation. This process can be accelerated by evaluating data gathered from traditional research methods such as surveys, visual anthropology and the generation of meaningful personas. Any hope for change should be assessed through an analysis of preexisting conditions, a proposed change to the current route structure, and a suggested redesign of current bus exteriors and interiors. With these three issues at the forefront, significant alterations are possible, and the anticipated effectiveness of these changes is based on the results of the research methods mentioned. With the aid of surveys, visual anthropology and relevant personas, meaningful changes to the current bus transportation system in New Paltz can be proposed and implemented, through an analysis of preexisting conditions, proposed changes to the route structure, and a suggested redesign of the physical exteriors and interiors of the current New Paltz buses.

A new identity for the previous system was designed in order to encourage increased use of the currently underused system. With this new plan in place, the hope is for the Loop to grow and evolve into a sustainable system of public transport surrounding the town of New Paltz. Read the full proposal here.